About the Book



The action figures are accompanied by illustrated books that tells the story of the Velara Warriors and their many adventures.

They represent different elements of our world as a link that connects us to their fantasy universe. The warriors symbolize Land, Sea and Sky and were inspired by different mythologies around the world.

Our characters exist in the fantasy realm of the Velara Universe where they live in their separate worlds. On land, the Kingdom of Ophelia protects magical beings behind its walls. Beneath the ocean, the Kiora Kingdom sparkles like a thousand tiny lights. When no one is looking, high above the clouds, the Kingdom of Xai studies them all.

As a vanishing Sun recalls an age-old prophesy, their worlds begin to collide ...

The first book tells the tale of the three warriors from their separate kingdoms and how they meet for the very first time.

We are currently developing two more books for more stories of the Velara Warriors and the Velara Universe! These books will include our next line of characters, the Fire Warrior, Ice Warrior, and Lightning Warrior.